Three Health Benefits of Air Conditioning in Portland, Oregon

by | Mar 19, 2013 | home-improvement

When temperatures being to soar many people wish they had air conditioning in Portland, Oregon. However, aside from simply being comfortable air conditioners provide many health benefits. In addition air conditioners are also beneficial for many common household items like computers. We all know that computers are notorious for overheating, however many don’t know that an air conditioner benefits computers by keeping them at a consistently cool temperature. While it may seem like air conditioning is simply a privilege, it is quickly becoming a must-have. Air conditioning in Portland, Oregon will ensure you sleep great and are comfortable year round. For more benefits of air conditioning in Portland keep reading.

Sleep Better With Air Conditioning in Portland, Oregon

Sleep is a crucial part of our lives and trying to get any sleep when it’s warm and humid is impossible. An air conditioner not only helps you breathe better, it helps you sleep better. It’s proven that people sleep better and easier in a cooler environment, this is why air conditioning in Portland, Oregon is important. Not only lack of sleep lead to depression it also leads to other health issues. Without a restful nights sleep the body begins to deteriorate and the immune system begins to perform inefficiently. In addition without sleep it’s harder to concentrate and the body has a hard time filtering itself. While it may seem silly having an air conditioner really does provide a better nights sleep, which in turn keeps you healthy.

Banish Depression With Air Conditioning in Portland, Oregon

Another interesting health benefit of air conditioning is the ability to fight off or prevent depression. In fact there are proven connections to poor sleeping and depression. Heat often leads to lethargy, boredom and loss of interest; these symptoms are closely related to depression. When you can’t get any restful sleep the body can’t produced any Serotonin. It may seem odd but, Seratonin is produced while the body is resting and asleep. This important chemical is what keeps us happy and going strong. This is why it’s so important to have air conditioning in Portland, Oregon. With its humid and warm summers and overcast winters, we need all the Serotonin we can get.

Long-Term Health Benefits of Air Conditioning in Portland, Oregon

Aside from immediate health benefits, air conditioning in Portland, Oregon also provides many long-term health benefits. Extreme temperatures both cold and hot put the body into stress mode. Over time the heat gets the body causing your immune system to get tired and wear down. This makes you vulnerable to many illnesses, infections and other ill effects. In addition, putting the body into extreme or uncomfortable temperatures causes your energy reserves to be used up quicker than usual. This makes us tired, cranky and overall not feeling well. By implementing air conditioning Portland, Oregon now you can greatly reduce the negative side-effects of heat and stay healthy year-round.

Air conditioning is no longer a privilege, it’s something that also benefits your health. While many seem to think it’s silly or made-up there are documented notes that air conditioning is beneficial for many health issues. Aside from benefiting health, air conditioning is also beneficial for electronic gadgets which are quickly taking over households. By using air conditioning in Portland, Oregon you can benefit not only your health but also the life of your electronics.


Air conditioning in Portland, Oregon provides many health benefits. Not only does an air conditioner keep your body in top condition and keep you comfortable it also eases depression and helps you breathe. If you’re interested in learning more check out today!

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