There Has Never Been a Better Time to Purchase Solar Panels In New Jersey

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Science And Technology

If you have been putting off purchasing New Jersey solar panels because of the cost of installation, there is no better time than the present to purchase your solar panels and begin saving on your energy bills. Several low-cost and no down payment options are available to you, along with a federal tax savings incentive. Contact a residential roofing expert to discuss all your options.
No Money Down Options
If you are interested in purchasing New Jersey solar panels, you should contact a roofing expert to discuss what payment options are available. Often, they can offer you a no money down or little money down option. You may have to provide details about your income, credit history, and employment information. The roofing expert will work with you to determine which payment option best suits your needs. The representative’s goal is to approve you for a payment plan to help you purchase solar panels and start saving money on your energy bills.
Federal Incentives
The federal government has begun to help homeowners afford to purchase solar energy systems for their homes by providing incentives to help lower the costs of installation. In fact, as a homeowner, you are eligible to receive a 30 percent tax credit of the total purchase price of your system through the form of a Federal Solar Tax Credit. This is another great reason to get your solar panels today before this federal incentive ends.
Energy costs are predicted to continue to increase. You need to find an affordable solution to your energy needs as quickly as possible. There are endless benefits to purchasing New Jersey solar panels for your home. Solar energy is a clean energy solution for your home and is less expensive than traditional energy methods used in the home. The cost of solar energy is in the installation. With so many affordable ways to pay for installation costs, now is the perfect time to purchase solar panels for your home.

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