The Wire Rope Sling – An Essential Device for Many Rigging Operations

by | May 29, 2019 | Industrial Goods and Services

There are many types of wire rope sling products for various applications in use today. These products can be implemented effectively to fulfill the demands of various industries, including oil and gas, manufacturing, mining, and construction. A knowledgeable and experienced wire rope and sling company can give you various types of sling options in addition to offering rigging equipment and accessories to help you effectively implement your lifting operations.

Single Part Sling
The most commonly used type of wire rope sling is the single part sling. You can find sling product lines that offer various options, including single leg, mechanical splice termination, four leg spreader, and hand splice termination.

Braided Rope Sling
The various features that constitute braided wire rope slings differ from those that constitute single part slings. The braided wire rope sling versions are used because of their advantageous characteristics, including high load capacity, low D/d requirements, and flexibility. An experienced wire up supplier can offer you several specific braided sling configurations, including 3, 6, 8, and 9 parts.

Stainless Steel Sling
For improved defense against deterioration from external weather elements, stainless steel wire rope slings are a beneficial option in lieu of the above-mentioned single part slings.

Galvanized Cable-Laid Sling
Consisting of a wire rope involving a twisted configuration of several smaller ropes, galvanized cable-laid slings have more flexibility than standard wire ropes.

Socketed Rope Assemblies
These assemblies are comprised of wire ropes that have either pressed (swage) or poured (spelter) sockets on each end of the assembly. A socketed rope assembly is often used in situations that necessitate a permanent set location of the assembly.

Before moving forward with any lifting arrangement or starting any type of lift, it is vital that every element of the configuration line up with all applicable codes and standards. If this guidance is not followed, the devastating consequences involved can include the loss of human life and extensive property damage.

To learn more about your options related to wire rope sling products and other rigging equipment and accessories, contact a reliable and seasoned wire rope and sling company serving your area today.

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