After a vehicle collision, it is essential to arrange for the repair of any damage with a body shop, as their ASE trained mechanics will have the tools and skill to restore a car or truck to like new condition. The problem is that not all body shops in Lakeview provide the same level of service. The following are the top three concerns to consider when searching for a shop, and how the right choice will ease anxiety and get a vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.

Lifetime Repair Warranty

Few things are as frustrating then when a repair made by an auto shop fails to hold up to regular use. Rather than stressing the unknown, utilize a garage that offers a lifetime warranty on the repairs they complete. A warranty prevents the owner of a vehicle from having to pay for repairs out of pocket and shows that the business is dedicated to providing customers with the most positive experience possible.

OEM Parts

Many companies that offer auto repair in Lakeview use aftermarket parts to keep the total cost as low as possible. Though it is a thrifty way of doing business, it may have detrimental long-term effects. Choose a shop that only uses parts that are supplied by the original equipment manufacturer, as this will provide an accurate fit during the repair process and extend the overall life expectancy of the repairs that are completed.

Guaranteed Completion Dates

Living without a vehicle is frustrating, and often causes a family to be without the transportation they need. Remove the uncertainty surrounding a project end date by selecting a garage that provides a guaranteed completion time frame. If the work is not completed by the promised time, then the shop will either offer a rental car at no cost to the consumer or lower the price of the final bill.

Choosing the right body shop is the first step in ensuring a car is restored correctly. Learn more about Bucaro Brothers Auto Care and what sets them apart from other auto repair shops.