When you first had your driver’s license suspended, you were told that you would have to wait months or years to get it back. The judge who presided over your case could have dealt you a sentence that perhaps was not reflective of your driving offense.

When you feel that you have satisfactorily changed your driving habits for the better, you want to present this new evidence to the municipal traffic judge. However, by hiring an attorney to represent you during the proceedings, you can better ask the judge to reinstate your license in Chicago.

Making a Logical Case

The judge who gets to decide whether or not to reinstate your license in Chicago wants to know that you will not pose a serious hazard to the public. He or she will ask you to come to court with ample evidence to show that you are now a safe and reliable driver who will not speed or get behind the wheel of a car while you are inebriated.

Presenting this evidence to a judge who holds so much sway over your driving future can be intimidating. Rather than compromise your case, you can have your lawyer argue before the judge on your behalf.

Your lawyer can present evidence like a certificate of completion of a defensive driving course or alcohol and drug awareness program. Your attorney can also bring in witnesses like your therapist or teachers to testify on your behalf. With his or her help, you can get back your license and enjoy your driving privileges again.

An attorney can be a valuable asset in your bid to get your license and driving privileges given back to you. You can find an attorney to hire before you go to court online. Contact Johnson & Goldrich P.C. or visit our website today.