The Importance of a Physician Background Check in NJ

by | May 31, 2013 | Business

As a medical facility, you have a lot on the line when it comes to dealing with patients. When you hire new medical staff, especially doctors, your reputation is at risk. In order to ensure you are hiring a physician with all the right credentials, proper education and no criminal history, you should perform a professional physician background check in NJ as a normal part of your hiring routine.

Ensure Licensing

When someone approaches your hospital or medical office and claims to be a doctor, you want to believe him, but stranger things have happened. Many people have been subjected to fraud in recent years, making it vital that every company performs the proper background check to ensure the person applying for the position is in fact a licensed physician. Your background check can search for the presence of an initial license, as well as any occurrences of losing his license due to a criminal act.

Check the History

There are many instances of doctors committing medical malpractice or being involved in an investigation that could incriminate them, but no one ever knows about it. This is especially true for doctors who pick up and head to another state. Each state’s requirements regarding reporting are different, which means you might never know about an occurrence or an investigation that is underway in another state. Rather than putting your business at risk, you can complete a physician background check in NJ to get a true picture of the history of the person applying.

Criminal History

Aside from a doctor’s history in the medical field, you will also want to know about his personal life. A doctor is an individual, after all. If there is something shady in his history, you will want to know about it to determine if it is something you are willing to handle should it come up. The doctors you hire are privy to personal information and are trusted to care for your patients, making the choice a delicate one.

Rather than risking your medical business and hiring a doctor who is not licensed, has a history of medical malpractice or a personal criminal history, you should complete a physician background check in NJ. This ensures you are hiring reputable doctors who will truly care for your patients.

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