There are many different reasons why Mic 6 aluminum cast & jig plate is the best solution for any tooling requirements and applications. The Mic 6 aluminum tooling plate tolerances are one of the reasons why this aluminum plate is considered the ideal material for applications where precision is critical.

The Production Process

Mic 6 aluminum is a blend of many different alloys that allow it to be cast to near net thickness. This is essential for the ability to provide the very tight Mic 6 aluminum tooling plate tolerances that make this plate stand out from the competition. Each plate is a virtual replica of the next, ensuring complete consistency within a plate and between plates. Any slight irregularities are removed by surface grinding and then testing on a granite table or with a laser testing system.

The result of this production process is a plate that is stable, smooth, level, and free from any surface irregularities, including indentations or protrusions from the surface or any concave or convex distortion.

The Specifics

The Mic 6 aluminum tooling plate tolerances are within the thousandths. The finishing on any plate of Mic 6 will be up to twenty microinches on each side of the plate. The thickness tolerance is within plus or minus 0.005 inches nominal on the quarter inch to four inch thick plates.

The flatness tolerance is equally maintained on each plate and between plates. For plates that have a thickness of three quarters of an inch to four inches, the flatness tolerance is 0.005 inches.