The Bold Vision For EcoTech

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Business

When it comes to innovative visions, Pandwe Gibson of Ecotech Visions is on the cutting edge of green technology. Dr. Gibson has created more than one innovative company but is currently focused on growing the Green Corridor area of Miami with her pioneering new business incubator and maker space project.

This is a unique opportunity for green businesses in Miami and surrounding areas to take advantage of a groundbreaking opportunity. EcoTech Visions is located in the heart of the Green Corridor in Miami and offers entrepreneurs, or what founder Dr. Pandwe Gibson calls “ecopreneurs,” a range of services to help them in getting their green business off the ground.

Walking the Walk

Dr. Pandwe Gibson has done more than just create an incubator and maker space for eco-businesses in the Miami area. Instead, she has focused on bringing environmentally friendly and conscious elements into the building itself.

The building has solar panels for power, assisting in reducing the carbon footprint of this 26,000 square foot space. Within the building, there is also a vertical garden, office space, collaborative working spaces, conference and meeting rooms as well as a prototyping lab and a fully operational business resource center.

With these features and services, EcoTech Visions can provide ecopreneurs with the resources they need to get their businesses started. With the mentoring, professional development, and the full technical support available through memberships or a la carte services, business owners can operate a fully functional business on a very limited budget.

In addition, Dr. Pandwe Gibson and her staff are there to assist green business companies in securing funding for growth, in developing marketing strategies and in launching their business.

To date, Pandwe Gibson and EcoTech Visions have assisted 75 highly successful green businesses in the South Florida area. With a full group of investors and sponsors and business support, environmentally friendly businesses now have a place to plan, develop, and move from concept to market.

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