The Best Italian Dessert to Order from a Catering Company in Weston

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Restaurants

Italian cuisine is hearty, flavorful, and always a crowd favorite. The versatility of the food makes it the perfect choice for any catered dinner. No grand meal is ever complete without dessert and, when the meal is Italian, the best dessert to consider is tiramisu. Anyone that has never tried tiramisu before will be amazed at how well the unique ingredients work together.

Reserved for Celebrations

Tiramisu offers creamy, rich flavors that cap off any meal perfectly, but it is so decadent that it is traditionally a dessert saved for special occasions. Any event that deserves a meal from a Catering Company in Weston is special enough to include the dish. The extra attention paid to the flavor combinations used in this dessert makes it worth savoring.

Layered in Flavor

Individual recipes may vary, as some chefs prefer to add a distinctive touch to their presentation. A basic tiramisu recipe blends the flavors of mascarpone cheese with espresso, eggs, and sugar. Typically, the preparer adds some type of alcohol to the creamy mix. The choice of spirits could include amaretto, wine, or rum. The filling layers over rows of light, delicate ladyfinger biscuits known as Savoiardi biscuits and the entire top of the dessert receives a dusting of cocoa powder.

Consider Some Precautions

Event planners need to take precautions and talk to the Catering Company in Weston when serving a group of people. Tiramisu is a dessert that may not appeal to everyone, and not every recipe is safe for everyone. Tiramisu usually contains alcohol, and this is often a concern for pregnant women, children, and others. Traditional tiramisu also includes raw eggs. Talk to the caterer about these concerns, if needed. Many chefs offer versions with pasteurized eggs, lower fat, no alcohol, and many other changes. If not, always label the dessert clearly and offer an alternative for guests that want to avoid the dish.

A catered Italian meal should only come from a company that specializes in this cuisine. Companies like Ristorante & Pizzeria offer an amazing menu of crowd favorites for a buffet the guests will always remember. Many caterers also include the option of a seated dinner with the same delicious options for more formal affairs. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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