The Benefits of Florida State University Off Campus Housing

by | May 3, 2024 | Student Housing Center

Have you enrolled at the university recently? You should know that there are different housing options at your disposal. There is off-campus and on-campus student housing. Here, the main focus is on the benefits of Florida State University off campus housing, and they include:

1. You Can Choose Your Roommate

A roommate always plays a major role in your student experience. It may be impossible to choose a roommate when you opt for on-campus housing. However, when living off-campus, you can choose your roommates with ease.

You can partner with your friends or colleagues and rent an apartment. You’ll have a lot of independence to easily control your living situation. The number of roommates is also not limited in this case. You can also decide to live alone. The choice is yours.

2. Off-Campus Living is Affordable

When you live off-campus, you can save on utilities and basic needs such as food since you can cook on your own instead of eating in a restaurant. If you have enough money, there are also numerous options to choose from if you want to live off-campus.

If you’re budget-conscious, you can look for a decent-sized apartment and ensure it has all the necessary utilities, such as sewer, water, and a parking lot. If you want to share the apartment with many roommates, the cost of rent will be reduced significantly, and you’ll have an excellent experience while at the university.

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