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by | Sep 1, 2022 | Lawyer

You may have never heard of The False Claims Act. You may think it is something recently passed by Congress. The federal False Claims Act (FCA), sometimes known as “Lincoln’s Law,” was enacted during the Civil War. Its purpose was to counter fraud by contractors supplying the military. Recent amendments to the ACT sought to improve the Government’s ability to recover for losses caused by fraud.

Most people want the Government to recover losses due to fraud. But what if you’re charged with fraud under the FCA, and you didn’t do it or did not knowingly commit fraud? You need a False Claims Act attorney in Chicago to defend you from the Federal Government’s allegations.

Violations under the False Claims Act

The FCA seeks to reach all types of fraud that could mean a financial loss to the United States. Violations include:

  • Presenting false claims for payment or approval
  • Making or causing another to make a false report regarding a false or fraudulent claim
  • Conspiring to violate the False Claims Act
  • Failing to return government property
  • Buying public property from a government employee not authorized to sell it
  • And others

Fighting an FCA claim requires an attorney with a thorough knowledge of the FCA and defending against it. Click the link below to get in touch with that attorney.

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