Giving birth is supposed to be one of the most natural miracles in the world. Women have been doing it for centuries, yet you may feel that it is a strange phenomenon or worry that you won’t be good enough. Many women suffer during pregnancy and after-birth, which makes them feel unworthy or depressed. However, there is no need to feel that way.

Perinatal counselling can help you work through those feelings and understand them more, ensuring that you can get past it and hopefully enjoy motherhood. After giving birth, one out of seven women will experience PTSD, anxiety, and other distressing situations that require professional help.

You may think that any counsellor will be helpful, and for some, it is. However, perinatal counselling uses a therapist that specialises in caring for families and women during their reproductive years. They understand the connections between changing hormones and brain function. They also realise that parenthood isn’t always blissful. They understand the complications and feelings that go along with giving birth, breastfeeding, trauma, and the like, so they are better prepared to handle your particular feelings and worries. They can work with you and your husband or boyfriend, as well, ensuring that you all understand what’s going on and that you’re still okay, even if you struggle.

From2to3 is a counselling option for new families and they don’t just focus on the women. Both men and women have come to rely on them to get through tough situations. Whether this is your first child or your fifth, you’ll find a companion who understands what you’re going through and knows how to help. Whether you’re experiencing PTSD or depression after giving birth or are worried that you won’t be a good mother, perinatal counselling can help you overcome those thoughts.