Terminating Parental Rights Through A Second Parent Adoption Attorney in Chicago

by | Dec 15, 2022 | Family Law Attorney

In Chicago, prospective parents are required to follow specific guidelines when adopting. The process begins by identifying a biological parent and terminating their parental rights. When the child lives in an orphanage, the adoption agency must post a notification in the local newspaper to notify the parent.

How to Terminate Parent Rights

When a biological parent places their child up for adoption, they are required to sign legal documentation that terminates their rights. In these cases, the voluntary termination eliminates their rights to make any attempts to regain custody of the child. They are prohibited from contacting the child or visiting them without the consent of the adoptive parents.

To terminate the parental rights of a parent who isn’t voluntarily offering their child for adoption, you must provide evidence of a dangerous living environment. Parents who are incarcerated for violent crimes may lose their rights to the child. The court could terminate their rights on these grounds.

Parents with a history of habitual drug or alcohol abuse could lose their parental rights unless they enter a treatment center. However, the court supervises their progress. If the biological parent is unsuccessful in these efforts and continues to abuse these substances, the court could terminate their rights. Family members that need assistance should contact a Second Parent Adoption Attorney in Chicago to proceed.

What to Expect

Adoptive parents are required to provide information about themselves to the court. A criminal background check is conducted to determine if they have committed any dangerous crimes or those against children. A home study is conducted to evaluate the living environment offered by these prospective parents. They must also provide proof that indicates that they could support the child financially. After the court reviews the findings of these assessments, the adoptive parents are notified of the decision.

Metz + Jones guides prospective parents through the process to acquire a child. This includes ensuring that the biological parent can’t file a claim to regain custody of the child in the future. The process allows the court to evaluate these individuals to determine if they are right for the child in question. To learn more about these proceedings, Visit the website now.

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