Your general dentist office in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois probably offers a lot more services than you realize. This makes general dentist offices a wonderful one-stop location for many of your oral hygiene needs. Best of all, they serve everyone, from your youngest family member to Grandma and Grandpa.

General Dentistry

A general dentist takes care of your teeth by offering cleanings and exams. If any problems are found, they’ll provide you with advice on the best solutions. This is also the time to discuss how you can improve your oral hygiene at home. If your dental office offers pediatric dentistry, you’ll be able to save the hassle of taking the kids to a separate office.


Orthodontics is now being offered at many dental offices. Rather than going to a separate building, you can take care of crooked teeth or an offset jaw at the same location as your routine cleanings. In addition to traditional metal braces, you can now choose Invisalign.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Your dental office may also provide cosmetic services. This includes dental implants and dentures for missing teeth, as well as teeth whitening. Having your teeth whitened by a professional means that you are taking advantage of professional-grade materials and equipment. The result is a smile you’ll love.

With your local general dentist office in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois offering so many wonderful services, there’s no reason to put up with anything less than a beautiful smile. Visit Smile Big Dental Specialists today to learn more.