Symptoms That Signal That Your Furnace in Chicago Needs to Be Repaired

by | Oct 25, 2019 | Air Conditioning Service

You count on your furnace to work properly each winter. You need it to blow out the warm air that your house requires to be cozy and comfortable during the coldest days of the season.

By paying close attention to it, you can tell when your heater needs to be repaired or replaced. You can then hire a contractor who specializes in fixing furnaces in Chicago.

Blowing Out Cold Air

When your heater begins to blow out cold air, you can take this symptom as an urgent sign that it needs to be repaired right away. A contractor who fixes furnaces in Chicago can come to your house to take apart the outdoor unit. He or she can first inspect the coils and thermostat to find out if any of these parts have stopped working.

If any of the parts in the motor have stopped working, the technician can remove and replace them quickly. He or she can make sure that the new part works properly before ending the service call. Your heater will go back to work as you need it to in order to keep your house warm.

Rattling or Grinding Noises

If the furnace is making grinding or rattling noises, it could signal to you that belts, hoses, or valves need to be serviced. A loose or broken belt can cause mechanical parts to grind against each other. Broken hoses and valves likewise can cause rattling of air within the furnace.

You need to call a service professional to your home immediately when you hear these noises. Prompt service can protect the function of the heater and also help you avoid having to replace it entirely.

You can find out more about furnace repairs online. Contact Heatmasters Heating & Cooling to request more information today.

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