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by | Mar 19, 2013 | Parts And Accessories

If you run a laundry business, you know that certain machines have their problems pieces. Waiting on parts to complete repairs can keep your customers waiting, and in the process, you lose out on easy business. Prevent this by stocking up on Maytag laundry parts. Many vendors sell Maytag or Maytag-compatible bits and bobbles online for a fraction of the cost you would pay for them one-by-one.
Identifying Which Parts You Need
Buying Maytag laundry parts in bulk is not the gamble it seems. If you’ve operated your laundromat for long enough, you’ve already learned that certain machines break down in certain ways. One may periodically need new belts, another may have thermometer issues and so on. This is just part of doing business. Maytag typically has reliable machines, but they’re regular appliances and have their eccentricities.
To identify the right materials to buy in bulk, take a look at your repairs over the past two years. You should begin to see trends. Once you realize which parts have needed to be replaced repeatedly, you can determine whether it’s in your best interest to buy parts in bulk or replace your equipment.
Repair or Replace?
With today’s latest residential washers, sometimes it is easier and more cost effective to replace the entire machine than just the computer, for instance. A high-tech repair can cost more than half of the price of your machine. Depending on reliability rates, this could be repeated again in just a year or two down the road. In these instances, it really is best to buy a more reliable model.
On the other hand, a heavy-duty machine with high reliability rates, except for an occasional repair of a cheap part, should always be fixed instead of traded out. It really is an issue of long-term cost effectiveness, but the hassle of regular repairs may sway you to switch a good machine out. Buying parts in bulk helps prevent decisions made in frustration and allows you the space you need to make quality business decisions.
Finding Maytag laundry parts online helps your business reputation and your bottom line. Make necessary repairs fast and get your machines back up and running. Find a reliable parts distributor and remember to save it for future reference. Even when buying in bulk, there will be times when you have a big repair. These kinds of shops can help with small or large orders but being a regular customer can often do you favors.

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