Situations When you Need An Employment Lawyer

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Many employees in the United States are considered at-will employees; meaning that they do not have a contract with their employer and may be fired at a moments’ notice. While this can leave room for uncertainty in the workplace, it also allows the employee to switch jobs when the opportunity arises. Your employer may fire you for reasons such as poor workmanship and unprofessionalism, but they are not allowed to fire you based on a form of discrimination. When your employers reasons for termination are discriminatory, which is known as wrongful termination, you do have legal protection on your side; in order to receive this legal protection you may need the help of an employment attorney in Long Island.

Illegal Discrimination
The first scenario where you might need an employment attorney in Long Island would be with a case of illegal discrimination. Illegal discrimination may come in many forms; your employer is not able to terminate the employment for any of this reasons-race, religious beliefs, gender, skin color, disability, national origin, or age.

Employer Retaliation
Illegal discrimination is not the only factor where you might need an employment attorney in Long Island; you may also need one in the case of employer retaliation. If you feel that you were terminated due to filing a complaint about your employer and you have sufficient proof of this wrongful termination, you may be protected.

Federal Employment
These employment laws do not just pertain to those of the private sector, government employees are protected under the same laws. If you feel discriminated against due to political affiliations, sexual orientation, marital status, or parental status, even if you work for the federal government, you will need an employment lawyer in Long Island to help protect your rights.

Claim Awards
If you feel that you were discriminated against in the work place you will need to file of complaint of employment discrimination. This compliant will need to be filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This commission will spend the time investigating your claim; if they do not agree with the claim of wrongful termination, then the case is dropped. If the Commission does find proof of wrongful termination, they will work with your employer to find a settlement.  This may include payments or reinstatement to your previous job. If the Commission is unsuccessful, you may obtain an employment attorney in Long Island and bring the issue before a court.

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