Driving around without Auto Insurance in Howell MI is something that most car owners know is not a good idea. Even if the current company is no longer a good fit, it pays to find a new provider before the old coverage expires. Here are a few signs that the time has come to think about making a switch.

Change in the Level of Customer Service and Support

In times past, getting someone from the insurance company to answer a question was easy. All that was required is a quick phone call or sending an email. Now it seems as if finding anyone who can provide the answer to a question is next to impossible. If answering a simple question is difficult, what will happen if a claim must be filed after an accident? Rather than run the risk of ending up with a serious issue in place, it makes sense to find a provider who is still capable of being there when a client needs help.

Increasing Rates

While an increase in premiums is bound to happen from time to time, frequent increases when the customer has not been involved in an accident filed a claim, or wracked up a number of traffic citations could spell trouble. To see if the current rate is more reflective of what is happening throughout the industry, spend a little time checking rates with other companies. If the results indicate that the current provider of Auto Insurance in Howell MI is offering a policy for more than the average rate, it is definitely time to make a switch.

Difficulty with a Claim

After years of a spotless driving record, someone runs a stop sign and slams into the rear door of your vehicle. Since that individual does not have insurance, it is necessary to file a claim. While filing the claim was not hard, getting any action on it seems to drag on forever. In the meantime, staring at the huge dent in the rear door is getting a little old. As soon as the matter is resolved, start looking around for a provider who can process claims in a timely manner.

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