If adult children have a parent that is older, at some point, they may have to consider the possibility of third-party elderly care services in Long Island. This could mean having a professional come to the individuals home, or using the services of a nursing home or assisted living facility.

The question that many people have to consider is when is elderly care services in Long Island needed. This is an important question and one that needs to be discussed carefully with everyone involved. This is going to help ensure that everyone is happy with the decision made.

Getting to know the signs that elderly care services are needed can be beneficial. Keep reading to learn what these are.

The Elderly Person isn’t Grooming Properly

Has the senior in question recently discovered that their elderly loved one seems unkept and a bit dirty? Are they neglecting their hygiene? If so, there are several reasons this may occur.

First of all, the senior may not be able to handle this on their own. Another issue is that the senior may forget they haven’t bathed or changed clothes. In many cases, it is a clear sign that seeking additional help either inside or outside of the home can be beneficial.

The Senior Has Begun Losing Weight

Another common sign that it may be time for a senior to consider a care facility is if they have started to lose a noticeable amount of weight. There are a few reasons this may happen. The individual may not be able to prepare food, or go to the grocery store and purchase the needed items.

Regardless of why this is happening, it is a clear sign that help and additional care may be necessary.

When it comes to a senior’s health and well-being, there are more than a few factors to consider. If family members are thinking about this for their elderly loved one, they should leave that person out of the decision-making process.