Signs Indicating You Should Get Your Car’s Transmission Serviced in Chicago

by | Oct 17, 2019 | auto repair

Your transmission is what gets your car moving down the road. When it starts developing problems, it will let you know. The appearance of any of the four following signs means that your car’s transmission in Chicago needs inspection.

Gear Grind

Gears should operate smoothly and relatively quietly. A little noise is fine; however, if they grind when changing, then your transmission needs servicing immediately. Find an experienced transmission shop, such as S-O-S Transmissions, and get your car inspected as soon as possible. The longer you attempt to drive with grinding gears, the more damage you’ll do to your vehicle.

Loud in Neutral

When your car is in neutral, it should purr or at least not make distressing noises. Any sound you hear is the gears running, and if they’re clanking or making other loud noises, then you have a problem. The exact nature of that problem could be a variety of things that any experienced transmission shop should be able to diagnose.


In no instance is a leak a good thing. If you notice one under your car, check the color. Transmission fluid has a red tint to it. If you spot even a small amount under your vehicle, you have a problem that could easily get worse. Check your transmission fluid and make sure it’s bright red and clear. Dark-colored transmission fluid should be changed.

Slow to No Response

When you put your car into gear, it should respond immediately. Whether you’re driving a manual or an automatic, a lack of response when you pop your car into gear indicates a problem. In some cases, your transmission may not engage at all. Even if it does finally engage, you should still take it in for repair.

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