If you have a vehicle that needs servicing and you’re skilled in auto mechanics, you may be interested in doing the work yourself. In many cases, this involves renting the equipment you’ll need to perform the work, including obtaining an engine hoist rental in Newnan, GA. When you’re ready to begin, be sure to follow these safety tips.

Get the Right Lift Capacity

Many experts recommend getting an engine hoist that’s rated to lift much more than the weight of your engine just to err on the side of safety. The average engine weighs far below 2,000 pounds, but getting a hoist with a lift capacity of one to two tons will give you a wider margin of error.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

A hoist is large and bulky, so it’s cheaper and more efficient to disassemble it for transport. When you’re ready to use it, allow up to two hours or more for reassembling the hoist. Be sure to follow the instructions precisely and double-check to make sure all screws, pins, and bolts are securely tightened.

Work in a Clear Workspace

Anytime you’re working around machinery or heavy objects, you should remove loose-fitting clothing. Additionally, be sure the floor in the general area is clear of tools, equipment, and trash. Even a small stone can prevent the hoist from proper movement, which could lead to a serious accident. Make sure there’s a broad area in which you can freely move the hoist.