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Gingivitis: causes

The most common cause is poor oral hygiene causes plaque accumulation around and between the teeth. Bacteria cause plaque build-up when it interacts with sugar in food and attaches to the tooth surface. Plaque is a sticky invisible film that can harden to tartar under the gum line if you do not remove it daily. If plaque and tartar remain long on the teeth, they irritate the gingiva. With time, the gums swell and bleed easily.

Other gingivitis: causes

These are other gingivitis risk factors.

• Some diseases include HIV, diabetes, and cancer

• Medications that reduce production

• Changes in hormones

• Age

• Smoking

• Drugs

• Family history

Other risk factors are the state of teeth caused by the following.

• Crookedness

• Broken fillings

• Improperly fitting dental appliances

Gingivitis Symptoms

• Gum discoloration and inflammation

• Tender guns that might be painful when you touch

• Bleeding gums when flossing or brushing

• Receding gums

• Bad breath

• Soft gums

Mild gingivitis might not have noticeable symptoms. It is vital to frequently visit a dentist near Lincoln Square for a routine checkup.

Treatment & Prevention

Deep cleaning your teeth using techniques that remove plaque and tartar treats gingivitis because it prevents irritation. Other treatments are taking antibiotic medications and surgery.

Proper and unswerving oral hygiene is the most efficient way to prevent gingivitis. You maintain oral hygiene by brushing, flossing and frequent mouth rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash.

Visit a dentist near Lincoln Square frequently for examination, information on dental diseases & prevention tips if you smoke, or your family has a history of gingivitis.

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