When your infant is born with grievous injuries from the childbirth process, you may feel anger and disappointment as a parent. You want to hold the medical team that delivered your baby accountable for what happened.

However, you have no idea of how to take this kind of case to court and win. You can present a stronger argument and garner the empathy of the court by hiring experienced counsel like a birth injury lawyer in Milwaukee to represent you.

Presenting Compelling Evidence

When you hire this kind of attorney to take your case, you can present solid evidence to the court about what happened. You may need the judge and jury to understand you were not at fault and did nothing to contribute to the circumstances. You want them to appreciate the suffering you and your infant went through at no fault of your own.

Your lawyer can present evidence like a video of what happened, as well as medical records to show you did not cause your baby’s injuries. He or she can also explain what measures your medical team may have overlooked and put your baby and you at risk on purpose because of their neglect.

You can find out more about the reasons to hire an experienced birth injury lawyer in Milwaukee to represent you online. To discuss your case or set up a free consultation, reach out to the Shea Law Group today.