Repurpose Old Courts with Multi-Use Courts for Sports

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

If you have a full or half-court basketball court in your backyard that was built for your child that avidly played basketball all through school, but he or she is now an adult and has moved out, what do you do with your court? Sure you might play on it every now and then, but is it getting the maximum amount of use that it could? If not, you could consider turning it into multiple use courts for sports. This is the modern day way of resurfacing your existing court into something that will get more use by everyone, regardless of what sport everyone loves.

Courts for sports are a great way to involve the entire family in outdoor sports. Whether you have family members that love volleyball and others that love tennis or even shuffleboard, a multi-use court can please everyone regardless of the sport they like. This new way of resurfacing your sports surfaces marks lines and different courts in various colors so that it is easy to tell the difference between each court. This gives a basketball player, volleyball player and shuffleboard player all the ability to play the game they love all on one court.

A multiple use court is a great way to make your basketball or tennis court that does not get used anymore a fun place for everyone to play. Whether you have kids or entertain a lot, the multiple use courts for sports will be great entertainment for people of all ages. With fun activities for everyone, there is sure to be a lot more fun and activity going on in your home, keeping everyone happy and healthy without ever having to leave home. It is a well known fact that Americans do not get outside and exercise enough, which is why having such a spectacular court right in your own backyard is a great choice – it encourages everyone to get out and enjoy a wide variety of games.

Another benefit to having multi-use courts for sports at your home is that it allows family members to explore various sports they previously would not have tried. If you have always had a desire to try volleyball or tennis but did not want to do so in public, having a multiple use court right in your own backyard gives you and your family the opportunity to try these sports in the privacy of your own home. Everyone might discover they have a hidden talent or passion with this new court.

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