Today, having an operative air pollution control system is vital in your industrial landscape. This is because of various reasons, such as increased enforcement and tightening compliance standards. When it comes to control systems, there’s nothing like one size fits all.

The company provides services that will cut on your overall operation cost while maximizing your productivity and efficiency. They also understand how overwhelming it is to meet your air pollution compliance needs. This company can help you settle for the right solution for your organization.

Thermal Oxidizers

When using the thermal oxidizer for air pollution control, it will help you in many process applications. This includes processes that have high Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) concentrations. You should treat pollutants such as VOCs before they’re released to the atmosphere.

Catalytic Oxidizers

If you have applications that regularly contain VOCs, the catalytic oxidizer is the appropriate system for you. By applying a catalytic bed in your air treatment equipment, oxidation occurs at lower temperatures than thermal oxidation. Using this type of oxidizer saves you fuel and money.

Wet Scrubbers

You can use this type of control device to remove gases or particles from industrial exhaust streams. They’re the most appropriate air pollution control system for collecting both gas and particulate in a single system.

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