Your home is the safest place on earth for you and your family. The roof plays a great role in providing you with the warmth and protection you need from the outside world. But what happens when there are roof leaks out of the blue? You will feel exposed and uncomfortable till it gets fixed.

Roof leak repair in Fayetteville, GA becomes essential during the rainy season as nobody wants to fetch a bucket every time it rains. But why do such leaks happen in the first place? It is important to understand the reasons before you start repairing.

The Flashing Is Damaged

The flashing is a water resistant barrier installed under the shingles of the roof, they are made of metal and they provide protection to your home against the outdoor elements like rain or UV rays. The flashing becomes damaged when the tar corrodes over time which is used to seal it.

The Shingles are Broken

Roof restoration becomes essential when you see a variety of color patches on the roof. This means the shingles are broken and are missing. The shingles are the exterior of the roof and are easy to spot. They are vulnerable and can break easily as a result of bad weather.

Roof Valleys Are Exposed

Roof valleys are the points where two roofs meet. Most of the time the leaks happen between the valley if the slopes are not properly sealed. This could be due to poor sealing material used or the seal may have cracked when someone stepped on it or it may have become damaged due to excessive rain.


Roof leak repair in Fayetteville, GA is important if you see signs of roof leak. Always find a roof restoration service having many years of expertise to restore the roof to its original state.