Reasons To Schedule An Appointment With A Medical Marijuana Doctor In Panama City, FL

by | Jan 28, 2022 | Marijuana

Despite the increasing evidence about the benefits of medical marijuana on a variety of medical and psychological conditions, many people throughout Panama City, FL, are still not aware of its potential.

These individuals may not realize that a family physician, primary care physician, or many specialists in the area do not discuss the option of using medical marijuana with their patients. These doctors may not even mention going to a medical marijuana doctor to their patients, even when the traditional types of prescription medications and treatments have limited ability to assist the patient in relieving pain or symptoms.

As a patient in the Panama City, FL, area, you can choose to see a medical marijuana doctor on your own. There are three key times for patients to make an appointment and to consult with these MMJ doctors.

Current Treatment is Not Working

If your current treatment of a qualifying condition is no longer effective or is creating additional medical or psychological conditions, seeing a medical marijuana doctor provides options. The MMJ doctor will review past and current treatments to determine if medical marijuana would be a benefit.

Problems with Side Effects

Many prescription medications have significant short and long-term side effects. After a review of your medications, conditions, and the side effects experienced, the MMJ doctor makes a recommendation for medical marijuana. He or she will also discuss options and formulations to consider to help eliminate side effects and assist in managing the symptoms.

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