New power wheelchairs are the new thing in home care. If you or your loved one are not able to maneuver around your home or office as independently as you like, then an electric wheelchair can change that for you in a jiffy. These powered wheelchairs are designed to provide maximum comfort to the user. So if you are thinking of getting one, be sure that you know the benefits of having such a wheelchair.

Compatible with Everyone

A powered wheelchair can work with anyone regardless of your weight or height or disability. These chairs can adapt to your needs or the severity of the disability. They come with a joy-stick that is used to control the movement and some powered wheelchairs even offer height, lift and leg space adjustments too making it an ideal option.

Easy to Transport

Lightweight bariatric manual wheelchairs are a good option too if you are looking for wheelchairs that are easy to transport. Along with electric wheelchairs, some manual chairs are very light if you want to travel and fold the chairs in the back of your car seat.


Electric wheelchairs provide accessibility to users to move around indoors or outdoors. They need little assistance from caregivers and because of their tight turning radius they can also mauver around small spaces too.


The center of gravity is a lot less in an electric chair, which is why it is less likely that it will tip over than a manual chair. Such chairs can move on rough terrains much more easily than manual ones.


If you are looking to purchase new power wheelchairs, then it is best that you learn about their benefits so you are able to make an informed choice for you or your loved ones.