Reasons People Call for Garage Door Repair Service in Englewood FL

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Garage Door

Garage doors get used more often throughout the day than any other door in the house except for the entry door to the home from the garage. That being the case, it’s no wonder that garage doors need repairs occasionally. Homeowners who stay on top of repairs find that they save money and enjoy many years of uninterrupted service from their garage doors.

It’s never a good idea to delay getting garage door repair service in Englewood, FL. Here are some reasons to call for service right away.

Garage Door Is Off the Track

When the garage door gets off the track, it has a crooked appearance. Homeowners shouldn’t try to operate their doors when it’s like this because it could cause irreparable damage to the door. Instead, homeowners need to call for repair service right away.

Garage Door Makes Weird Sounds

This problem may or may not be related to the garage door opener. If a door is manually operated, the problem could be a rusty track that needs lubrication. Check this first, but call for repair service if lubricating the door doesn’t do the trick.

Garage Door Won’t Open

First, check the garage door opener. Is it plugged in and getting power? If all looks good, the problem could be a broken spring.

Most garage doors have torsion springs. These springs run the length of the garage door and are responsible for opening and shutting the garage door. When the spring breaks, the garage door opener can’t lift the door and manual lifting is very difficult because one is forced to lift the full weight of the door.

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