A house is a lifelong asset that needs proper maintenance to keep its value high, and keeping a well maintained look can be as easy as putting a fresh coat of paint on it. Applying new paint can add vibrancy and freshness to an older home that will also provide the owner a sense of artistic expression. The new found curb appeal will add value to your house and demonstrate your sense of self-pride to the rest of the neighborhood. Here are some of the most common questions homeowners have when painting their house.

What type of paint is best to paint a house?

There are two basic base types of paints for House Painting Naperville IL, and these types are oil based paints and water based paints. Oil-based paints dry slowly and need to be washed out with turpentine or paint thinner. A water-based paint dries relatively quickly, but its downfall is that it will not hold up to the elements such as heat and the sun as well as oil-based paints do. Water-based paints are easier to clean, however, and clean-up can be accomplished with a rag and soapy water. Most experts say that water-based paints are best applied to the inside of your house, while oil-based paints work well on the exterior.

What is the sheen factor?

The sheen factor calculates the amount of light reflection paint has. High sheen paint is more resistant to staining. High-gloss paints in House Painting Naperville IL provide the highest sheen factor and can be used in areas such as trim and decorative areas. A satin paint combines the high sheen factor of high-gloss paint with the cleaning ability of an eggshell type of paint.

What about storage and clean-up?

Store paints in a dry area away from the elements. Clean-up should be performed immediately as paint hardens the longer it sits.

Painting a house is a fun way to express your creative talents while adding immediate value and curb appeal to your home. The best paint to use for the exterior of your home is an oil based paint that has just the right amount of sheen to look nice, but also provide easy clean-up. A painting professional, such as Jung Family Painting, is a good place to start looking for your painting needs.