Even seemingly minor traffic offenses can become big problems. The cost of fines for the majority of violations has increased around the country, and failure to pay fines on time could result in a suspended license. A traffic offense lawyer in Atlantic City, NJ can help to clear up any confusion or make an agreement with the court to reduce fees or protect driving privileges. Here are a few other common violations that show how easy it is for any driver to get into trouble.

Driving Too Closely

Tailgating is common, especially when traffic is heavy. Driving too close is dangerous, and any accident that occurs during this activity will almost always be considered the fault of the tailgater. However, this action does not require an accident to become a problem. It is a violation of the law, and drivers can receive a fine and points on their license for doing so. Driving too close is a four-point violation, but if the officer believes the driver was acting aggressively, the penalty could be upped to six points.

Adding More Points

Failing to turn on headlights as required by law, or even using the wrong beam, is punishable in the United States, and could result in a penalty of two points. One of the most common problems today is the use of electronic devices while driving.

The concern about points is a genuine one. Amassing 11 points in an 18 month period results in an automatic suspension of a license for one month. Additional time is added when people exceed these numbers or are caught driving on a suspended license. In addition, the driver will also face another fine that will need to be paid each year as they renew their license for a predetermined number of years. A traffic offense lawyer in Atlantic City, NJ helps by getting points removed for unfair violations and much more. Browse our website to learn how to receive legal protection, regardless of the offense.

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