Having access to the internet is part of the way people live their life today. People are in the habit of searching online for information about anything from purchases for the home to legal advice. This is true for individuals going through divorce in the University Park area, just as it is true for people throughout Dallas and around the state of Texas.

The Quality of Legal Websites Online

Anyone can set up a website and provide information. It can be very difficult to know the expertise, experience, and the reputation of blogs, articles, and information posted online. While many divorce websites carefully vet their guest bloggers and authors and choose only qualified and board certified divorce attorneys, other are less likely to do so and instead offer sensational promises of methods to “win” at divorce.

There are some exceptional websites online prepared by divorce attorneys in the state of Texas that provide up-to-date and very accurate information about the divorce process. However, this information is provided as a general guide and is not specifically intended as legal advice or recommendations for readers.

The Problem with Online Information

The first thing anyone from University Park searching for information on divorce has to consider is if the information is accurate for Texas family courts. As each state sets its own family code, information that applies to a divorce and custody in California, Louisiana, or any other state may or may not be relevant to Texas family law.

Talking directly with divorce attorneys is the only way to have the relevance of the information and the various statutes in the family code related to your specific divorce situation. Divorce issues are not always absolute, and there can be multiple ways to present information and to work within the family code.

Meeting with an experienced family lawyer provides this personalized information. It also prevents common issues and mistakes that people make when filing a divorce pro se (without an attorney). As these types of mistakes can delay the divorce or result in a modification of the divorce at a later time, it is worth the time and money to meet with a family law attorney before anything is filed with the court based on online information.