Many students struggle with whether or not to bring their pets to college. Not because they are not allowed but rather because of the challenges that come with them. Many students have had to leave their pets at home due to overbooking and a lack of resources. However, there are plenty of places that will welcome pets. Here are some things to consider when searching for pet-friendly student apartments in Huntsville, TX.

Residence Policies:

The first step in finding suitable pet-friendly apartments is to find out the policies regarding pets. Some places will allow cats or dogs, while others might allow one or the other. Some units might have a limit on the number of pets permitted, while others might have no limit. Knowing the policies ahead of time can help you determine which apartments to consider and which to eliminate.

Amenities: Most pet-friendly apartments have amenities that will make living with your pet a pleasant experience. These includes:

  • Pet Stations: These are pet-friendly restrooms found mainly near the laundry room or the trash receptacle.
  • Pet-Friendly Rooms: Units designed for people with pets, making it easier to live comfortably with your pet.
  • Pet Areas: These areas are specially designed for pets, such as dog parks or extra closets for kennels.

Pet Charge:

Most pet-friendly student apartments in Huntsville, TX, charge a pet fee for living there with your pet. It’s usually on top of the regular security deposit and nonrefundable application fee. The amount of the charge ranges from place to place. Ask about the pet fee before committing to the home.

There are plenty of pet-friendly places in Huntsville, TX, that can accommodate your pup. Contact 18 Seventy Nine at for pet-friendly apartments in Huntsville, TX.