Owning a home is a lot of work. There are always things to fix and repair, and some jobs are larger and require more than a do-it-yourself approach to fixing problems. One of the largest areas of any home is the roof, but it is often one of the few systems in the home that is rarely considered until there is a problem.

It is not uncommon for residential roofing companies like Heins Contracting to get called out to inspect a leaky roof only to find significant damage. This typically indicates that the shingles or metal roof have been damaged for a longer period of time, creating significant damage to the roofing deck and increasing the cost of the repair.

In many cases, particularly with older shingles or residential roofing systems, replacing the roof may be more effective and less costly than a repair. Additionally, with new shingles there is a significant warranty, keeping your home safe for years in the future. The signs your Waukesha, WI home may need a new roof or roof repair include the following key indicators.

Granules Around Downspouts or In Gutters

If you live in or nearby Waukesha, WI in an older home, you most likely have asphalt shingles. These shingles will begin to lose the granules that protect the surface of the shingle over time. Signs of this type of aging and damage are most often noted with a collection of granules in the runoff water under the downspout. If the gutters are blocked, the granules may be part of the problem.

Cupping or Curling

Signs of the corners of shingles curling up or creating a cup-like shape on residential roofing is a sure sign of a problem. This is not seen on tile, slate or cedar shingles, but it is common when asphalt shingles start to fail.

With all types of shingles, any missing shingles or damaged shingles are also critical signs it is time for a roof inspection from a trusted roofing contractor.

If you have any concerns about your residential roofing condition, contact the experts at Heins Contracting.

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