Moving Companies Offer to Pack Out Your House. Where Would They Begin?

by | Feb 14, 2020 | Moving Services

Moving companies offer services like packing and storage. Asking moving services in Tarpon Springs, FL, to pack out your house would be easier if you followed a plan. It would look like this.

Four Weeks Before Moving Day

Go through closets and other storage one room at a time. Use three boxes to weed out belongings. One will be for “donations,” one for “yard sale,” and one for “family.” Separate everything in closets, basements, and lofts. Include clothing, seasonal items like yard furnishings and seasonal decorations, and no longer used sporting equipment.

Have your yard sale as soon as possible. What doesn’t sell, add to the “donation” box for Goodwill or Salvation Army. Take any “family” boxes to family immediately. Now there’s a smaller amount to pack.

Two Weeks Before Moving Day

Assemble what is rarely used such as winter boots and coats, light summer clothing, formal or special occasion clothing, and such. Either box them up yourself or place in one spot for the movers to pack. Place in the same spot toys not used often, sporting equipment likewise, and any entertainment or kitchenware that fits this category.

While you’re out changing addresses, gather paperwork to take to the new house, and donating to homeless shelters what’s in the freezer and fridge, you have organized piles of things for the moving services in Tarpon Springs, FL, to pack. Independent Moving & Storage Inc. offers more services to make your move as stress-free as possible. Contact Independent Moving & Storage for your next move.

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