While in college, you may question what place would be the best for your residence as you work towards your degree. You may consider living in traditional apartments or renting a room in a house. Though these seem like fun, there are benefits you could miss out on receiving. For instance, apartments for students allow you to mingle with your peers while you are on and off-campus. Keep reading below to discover more advantages that come from choosing student apartments.

Likeminded Peers

If you choose to move to a location far away from campus, you may be around a diverse group of people. You may be more in contact with people that have a focus outside of college life. Even though these individuals can be fun to hang out with, they may not give you the support you need. Yet, student apartments at CSUF allow you to spend time with like-minded students. You can review class and study together in areas like the study and business center or the on-site restaurants.


With student apartments at CSUF, you get a private bedroom and bathroom to use by yourself. But you also get roommates to share a kitchen and common area. While together, you will be obligated to split your utility bills. But you can choose to do other activities together also. As a group, you can plan meals and cook together, make a cleaning schedule together, and use places like the gym, clubhouse, and gaming lounge.

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