When existing homes need their electrical service updated, they may need Panel Replacements in Scranton PA. The panel replaces a home or businesses main circuit panel. The electrical panel is like a power box with a cover. Attached to it are all the electrical lines for the home electrical service. The panel box connects the home to the electrical service kind of like a gatekeeper. It is important for every home or business to have the correct electrical panel.

Who Can Install Panel Replacements?

A licensed and bonded electrical company such as Quality Electric is needed to install Panel Replacements in Scranton PA. This electrical company will offer a range of other electrical services such as generators and their installation, repairs, pressure washers, transfer switches, and more. Transfer switches are used in conjunction with generators to make sure all appliances and electrical services are powered during electrical outages.

Why Install A Load Center Panel?

The load center panel replaces the home or businesses’ main circuit panel to incorporate an automatic transfer switch. All the power switching is then handled in one place. This forms a hybrid circuit panel that guides the electrical service when it is working and transfers the system to a generator when power is out.

The home or business owner can choose Panel Replacements in Scranton PA or they can choose a prewired switch that is a distributed load center in a separate box connected to the main electrical panel and allows selected circuits to be moved from the main panel to the transfer switch.

The Benefits of Generators and Transfer Switches

The benefits of having an alternative power source during electrical outages are huge. Food in freezers and refrigerators will not spoil. The lights stay on, and the heat or cooling still operates. The building owner can decide which circuits will be powered by the generator and the transfer switch will guide the power where it is most needed during emergencies.

Because anything electrical requires the help of an electrician, be sure to contact a reliable electric company and dealer for generators and get advice and installation services from professionals.