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by | May 21, 2021 | Health

Aging is a natural process that continues over time. People’s faces are constantly exposed to the dangers of weather and other environmental factors. This includes overexposure to harsh sunlight, constant contact with chemicals or air pollution where a person works and dry indoor settings that leave complexions looking and feeling parched. Learn why more people highly recommend this one named best eyelid surgeon in Chicago to their friends and other acquaintances.

The Eye Area Can Make Individuals Look Older Than They Really Are

When a person notices another, generally the first thing that they look at is the face and especially the eyes. The delicate tissues that surround the eyes can easily become too dry and develop wrinkles known as crow’s feet after spending too long outdoors without proper eye protection during hot and sunny weather. This can all make someone’s face appear that of a much older person in many cases.

Gravity Places a Role in How the Eye Region Begins to Sag a Bit

As a human ages, the hormones shift and cause the skin to have less overall moisture and volume than when the person was at a younger age. Over time, gravity takes a toll and eyelids begin to sag downward even obstructing the person’s vision in serious cases. This is when someone needs the best eyelid surgeon from Chicago to restore a more youthful look around the eyes with plastic surgery techniques.

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