Keep Your Cool When It’s Getting Hot Outside!

by | Jun 19, 2019 | Air Conditioning Service

The Northeast coastline of Florida can get especially hot during the summer months, which can make the temperature in your home very uncomfortable. In order to keep your home comfortable during the summer, it is a good idea to have affordable home AC repair in Jacksonville done. Having your home air conditioning system checked out can help you keep your home cool and maintain a relaxing living situation. When your home is cool and comfortable you can sleep better, along with enjoying better health. When your home environment is uncomfortable hot, it can create a number of health issues ranging from breathing problems and skin irritation to heat stroke and even the possibility of a heart attack.

The best time to have affordable home AC repair in Jacksonville done is during the cooler months when demand for service is not as great. By having the inspection and repair work done earlier in the year, you can be assured that service technicians will be more available during your time schedule, rather than trying to fit you in during times of high demand. Having service performed during the early spring will also help to reduce your service bill since you won’t be paying higher rates that occur because the technicians are handling emergency service call.

Your local AC service technician can help you with valuable tips and information to keep your home operating cooler during the summer months. The professional technicians at Jenkins Heating and Air can show you how to customize the AC system in your home to get the best cooling while saving on your energy bill. They can also help you discover rebates and discounts that are available to help you upgrade your system. For more information on improving your homes AC system, contact your local heating and air conditioning company at

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