As a small business owner in Pennsylvania, you strive to make it work. You are doing great in sales, but your profits and accounts receivable don’t reflect that. Unfortunately for you, you have customers that have gone on avoiding paying their invoices, and that hurts your business. You don’t have to hobble through until they pay you. You can get accounts receivable insurance and help your business thrive until those missing account payments are made. Here is what accounts receivable insurance does for your business.

Avoid Bankruptcy and Late Fees

When you carry this type of insurance, your business is protected against bankruptcy and late fees on your company’s bills. It’s not your fault consumers fail to pay you what they owe. You and your credit ratings shouldn’t suffer for it. This type of insurance carries your business through rough patches so that when you are finally paid you haven’t lost your business or become mired in too much debt.

Keep Your Business Going

Accounts receivable makes up a very large portion of business profits and assets. When consumers don’t pay, you have nothing to keep your business going. Buying accounts receivable insurance helps keep your business going by showing that you have money coming in but that those amounts are delayed. The insurance helps you stay afloat while you pursue other avenues (e.g., collections) to get your customers to pay their accounts. If your business is in Pennsylvania, and you would like to insure your accounts receivable with this type of insurance, contact Trade Risk Group via