Home sewage pumps are created to push waste from areas that are considered to be low-grade – kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms – out to the main sewer line that is located at street level. A sewage pump system can be used when the sewer lines don’t have a proper fall to get to the main line.

For that reason, a Myers sewage pump in Philadelphia, PA, can be just what the doctor ordered. The key is to have a sewage pump installation performed by the pros to ensure that things go as planned.

How It Works

How does a Myers sewage pump in Philadelphia, PA, work? There is a basin or tank that collects sewage as it is produced in the home. When that waste hits a certain level, the pump activates, and all of that waste gets pushed uphill to the main sewer line.

Eventually, gravity takes hold, and that sewage will flow to the main city line or to a septic tank. It even has a warning light to prevent further use in the event of a backup.

The Proper Installation

So why is it important to have the proper installation of a Myers sewage pump in Philadelphia, PA? Because you need to ensure that the sewage pump works the way that it was meant to work. When the installation is done improperly, it can lead to myriad issues that keep the pump from working the proper way.