Insurance Salisbury MD FAQs

by | Mar 28, 2013 | insurance

Q: Are online-only or direct-to-consumer insurance Salisbury MD companies cheaper?
A: Many online-only insurance companies claim to be the most affordable option. In consumer reports and studies, it is actually local and national insurance companies that offer the best rates. This is based on the average price for insurance across the country. It is best to price compare at least four different companies when selecting insurance Salisbury MD.

Q: Are online insurance quotes reliable?
A: Yes and no. The problem with online insurance quotes is they are computer-generated and based on limited information. You may find that a personalized insurance quote will be lower because it is factoring in more denominators. Because of this you want to price compare a mix of both online quotes and personalized quotes. Some companies and their respective sites offer both online and personalized quotes but the latter takes longer to produce.

Q: Is it better to work with a live insurance agent?
A: Yes. When you file a claim due to a natural disaster or car accident it always helps to have a live person helping you along the way. The agent serves as your go-to person for all questions regarding the claim and can help you fill out paperwork. If you forget to fill something out or to include a copy of a document, the agent may be more accommodating than an online-only insurance company. With the latter, it is likely you will have to begin the claims process from the beginning which is time consuming.

Q: Are national insurance chains more reliable?
A: Not necessarily. The key feature of the quality insurance policy is that it’s affordable and comes with customer support that will help you during a crisis. National insurance chains can often have a large team of agents, but may also treat customers like a number. Likewise, a small chain may treat customers with care yet operate on a smaller scale with fewer resources. Read online reviews to get a solid idea of what you can expect from both national and local insurance companies.

Q: Are insurance reviews online honest?
A: This greatly depends on where you look. There are consumer sites with authentic reviews from real customers. You can also search consumer reports for some of the well-known insurance companies. Ask friends, family and neighbors for their recommendations for insurance companies which can save you time.


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