Blue painters tape is commonly used in home and commercial projects. It is a great tool to avoid painting mishaps and ensure the protection of walls. Homeowners usually put this tape along the ceiling or baseboards when the interior painting projects occur.

That’s not it. There is more to the blue painters tape. It offers multiple potential uses for both contractors and homeowners.

Paint New Wall Art

Wall art can brighten up the space in a number of ways. Painters can use the blue painters tape to create different shapes or linework to do the trick. There is always something within the office or home that needs to be protected from getting paint on it. Make sure you cover the trims of those objects by putting the tape around them. Next, you can create the lines and shapes from the tape.

New Tabletop Designs

Not all people like the surface of their tables plain. Mostly on workplace conference tables, there is a company’s logo drawn with the blue painters tape. You can add colors and designs as per your choice. Make sure the tabletop is white so that other colors can shine on it.

Upgrade Your Dresser

If you want to add brightness to your room but you are not in the mood to repaint your bedroom walls, you can just upgrade your dresser with a painter’s tape. You can get blue painters tape for sale from anywhere in the market. It can work wonders on dressers that are light-colored. The first step is the application of a coat of primer.

Next comes the painter’s tape on the dresser, which leads to the painting for crispiness. Lastly, you have to add straight white lines between the drawers.