Recycling vehicles and auto parts not only helps the environment, but also many industries. In fact, recycling your car or auto parts in Nassau County, NY may actually save you money. Before a car is shredded and recycled, it must first be dismantled. Many auto parts and accessories such as radios, seat covers, windshields, tires and rims may actually be sold and reused. This is why it’s so crucial that a car is completed gutted before being recycled. Not only does it save you money, but it also helps to recover other materials which can be sold or reused.

Recycling Process

When an old car is ready to be recycled it is either hauled off to a dismantle, or is dismantled at home. This process removes any reusable parts and prepares them to be resold at other facilities. Next, the car will enter the shredder where the vehicle is reduced to streams of material. These streams are typically iron, steel, fluff material; like plastic, fabric and rubber, and nonferrous metal. Nonferrous metal refers to metal that isn’t iron. This process happens quite quickly, allowing many vehicles to be recycled in one day. After that, the fluff material is disposed of and the quality metals are sent off to other plants, like steel mills.

Removable Parts

Before a car can enter the shredder, it must first be stripped of all reusable or recyclable auto parts. Such parts include; batteries, tires, panels, accessories, mats, glass, oil filters and brake pads. Many of these auto parts can either be sent to a Nassau County processing center for recycling, reuse, or to be sold.


Recycling In Nassau County, NY presents many benefits. Not only are you helping out other industries, by providing precious metals, but you are also helping out the environment, by ensuring that everything that can be is reused or disposed of properly.

Industrial Benefits: Steel is the most popular recycled material in America. Every year roughly 82 million tons of steel is recycled. Iron and steel recovered from cars is one of the largest sources of recycled metals which contribute to this large number. In fact, recycling one ton of oil filters can result in 1,700 pounds of steel and up to 30 gallons of used oil.

Environmental Benefits: The environment sees many benefits from auto recycling. More precious metals received through recycling means less mining. Less mining results in fewer greenhouse gases, all while conserving energy. Not to mention, recycling metals, fluids and other items result in less junk sent to landfills where these toxic auto parts contaminate the water supply.