Metal stamping companies in Minnesota and other American states use metal stamping to convert flat metal sheets of aluminum, copper or steel into a definite shape. They blank, punch bend, pierce, and use other metalworking techniques to produce the specified result. Because of its versatility and cost-effectiveness, many industries are increasingly turning to this method to provide them with the components they require.

Industrial Applications of Metal Stamping

Metal stamping is beneficial for applications. In many complex industrial concerns, it is actually crucial in achieving the preciseness their products require. Among the industries benefitting from using the capabilities of metal stamping companies in Minnesota and elsewhere across America, are the following:

  • Aerospace Industry: When it comes to precision instrumentation, companies can count on metal stamping. It easily and with exactitude can manufacture gages, landing gear, and navigation systems
  • Automotive Industry: Metal stampings are a mainstay in this industry. From airbags to brake and fuel injector systems, automotive companies rely on its precise capabilities
  • Electronics: For electronic industry, common applications include antennas, cases, clips, contacts, metal enclosures and shields
  • Medical: For this type of production, metal stamping companies utilize long run metal or progressive die stamping. Among the many, precisely executed components are surgical instruments
  • Oil and Gas: In the oil and gas industry, metal stamping is called on to produce products able to withstand harsh and very toxic environments. They rely on stamping to design and create brackets, handles, internal sealing parts and washers
  • Telecommunications: As in the case with electronics, precision metal stamping provides accuracy

Industrial Applications and Metal Stamping Companies In Minnesota

Metal stamping companies in Minnesota have both the capabilities and materials to manufacture parts essential for the proper functioning of many industrial applications. The versatility of this process can benefit a wide range of companies. Its low costs and use of minimal resources also make it beneficial to both the metal stamping company, and the industries served.