If you are involved in an auto accident, then your doctor will need to order diagnostic imaging tests to determine which type of injury you have.

Before he or she can effectively treat your injury, he or she will need to determine if the injury is to the bone, muscle, ligament, or disc. Here are some ways your auto accident injury doctor in Ocala can diagnose and treat your neck injury.

Physical and Visual Examinations

Your doctor will perform both a visual examination and a physical examination of your neck. He or she will look for signs of inflammation and deformity, while palpating the area for thickening, lumps, or irregularities of the muscles, cartilage, joints, bones, and tendons.

The auto accident injury doctor in Ocala may also ask you to move your head up and down and from side to side to evaluate your pain level, range of motion, and neck flexibility. Based on your physical and visual examinations, your doctor may then determine if you need diagnostic medical imaging tests.

Imaging Tests

Before your doctor can determine which type of injury you have, you may need to have an x-ray or a magnetic resonance imaging test, or MRI. A traditional x-ray captures images of your bones, however, it is not effective in evaluating soft tissue injuries or disc problems.

Conversely, an MRI can reveal problems with cartilage, discs, muscles, and ligaments. Once a diagnosis has been made, your doctor may prescribe pain medication and recommend that you start physical therapy. You may also need to wear a cervical collar to immobilize your neck, which will help promote healing and reduce pain.

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