How To Spot Scam Timeshare Termination Services

by | Oct 18, 2023 | law

Purchasing a timeshare is a great way to ensure that you always have a place to go for vacation. However, when it comes time to cancel your timeshare, then the situation gets a bit complicated. The Internet abounds with timeshare termination services, but many companies that claim to offer this service are scammers, preying on often-elderly customers.

Here are a few tips for spotting the scammers and finding a reputable timeshare termination service.

Be Careful Of Excessive Obstacles

Often, scams posing as timeshare termination services attempt to scare customers by exaggerating how difficult it is to cancel a timeshare. They may list excess fees, mandatory in-person presentations, or even international travel as requirements. This is done to persuade people that they need a service to do it on their behalf.

Before hiring any timeshare termination service, contact your resort to see what their conditions are. Resorts that are part of the Resort Development Organization must provide a clear cancellation process.

Never Trust Cold Callers

You may receive calls from people identifying themselves as timeshare cancellation services threatening that you will never get out of your timeshare or that your children will face financial difficulties. Never, ever trust a company that calls you out of the blue. Reputable companies wait for customers to come to them. Scammers often steal data from resorts and use that to target people.

If you do need timeshare termination services, a better choice is to go to a trusted solicitor’s office such as Lincoln Green Solicitors.

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