When you have trouble conceiving a child, one option is to undergo intrauterine insemination or IUI in Fresno, CA. While this procedure involves monitoring ovulation to create the best circumstances to ensure pregnancy, you should still do what you can to help yourself experience a healthy conception. The following tips can help you further prepare your body for the procedure.

Stop Smoking

You should avoid smoking cigarettes entirely as you begin the procedure. Women who smoke have a decreased likelihood of getting pregnant because ovarian stimulation is adversely affected. Even though this effect can be countered with increased doses of gonadotropin, there’s still a lower pregnancy success rate among women who smoke.

Control Your Stress

Worrying too much about whether or not the procedure will work can cause you to feel stress that’s higher than normal. The increased stress can negatively impact your ability to conceive, so it’s important to focus your thoughts on a positive outcome. You should also engage in relaxation activities or moderate-intensity exercise to help relieve stress.

Undergo Physical Therapy

There are several types of physical therapy that can improve your chances of success with IUI in Fresno, CA. These therapies include deep tissue massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic care. In addition to alleviating internal inflammation, these treatments help increase blood flow. As a result, you may have a better chance of getting pregnant when you undergo the procedure.

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