If you’re like a lot of drivers in Tacoma, Washington, you appreciate not just the practical appeal of your vehicle but its aesthetic appeal as well. That’s why so many Tacoma residents, once they learn about us, come to us to get custom wheels installed on their vehicles. Picking the right custom wheels for your vehicle, however, is more than just a matter of how it looks. It’s also a matter of safety, compatibility, size and fit. Read on to learn how to pick the perfect custom wheels in Tacoma, Washington, for your vehicle.


Not all wheels are compatible with all vehicles. Check the bolt-pattern on any custom wheels you’re considering to make sure they match those on the vehicle. If your vehicle has a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS,) make sure the custom wheels you choose are also compatible with that tech.


To ensure your safety on the road, any custom wheels you install should always have enough of a diameter that it clears the body, suspension and braking components. You also need to make sure the wheels you choose have proper clearance, which you can tell by measuring the offset and backspace, or how much interior and exterior space the wheel and tire have once seated in the wheel well.


Of course, picking the right custom wheels for your vehicle is not just about practical factors. It’s also about visual appeal. For that, you can start by looking at all the sets of custom wheels available for your make, model and color of vehicle. Try to find one that fits both the look of your vehicle and your personal style.

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