How to Find a Lawyer Specializing in Cases Against the Railroads

by | Oct 3, 2023 | law

Everywhere across the United States of America, there are railroads. That being said, it also means that there are both current and retired railroad workers across the country. There are, and more so were, many carcinogens to which these workers were exposed.

As a result of these exposures, many workers got various related cancers. Among the worst offenders was the exposure to diesel exhaust. Other toxins to which they were exposed include fuels, solvents, fumes related to welding, silica, asbestos, and creosote.

If you or a relative have been diagnosed with illnesses such as leukemia, cancers, railroad bladder cancer, or other illnesses that are related to your exposure as a railroad worker, you need to find an attorney who specializes in railroad workers and their illnesses.

If you worked in railway departments such as Trackman/Section Crew/Equipment Operator, Carman/Mechanic, Locomotive Engineer/Conductor/Brakeman, Fireman, Fork Loaders/Gatekeepers, or Onboard Services/Ticket takers, your illness may have a direct connection to the time you worked for the railroads.

Especially in the case of exposure to diesel exhaust as a cause of many cancers, the railroads knew what was happening for over four decades. They knew, and they kept on exposing workers to these dangerous fumes. That denial was even the cause of railroad management not informing employees to the extent of not providing vital equipment that could and would have protected these employees.

If this scenario describes you, you need to find a railroad bladder cancer lawyer or one that will represent you for other illnesses like it. Please reach out to the law offices of the Diesel Injury Law – Hughes Law Offices LLC today.

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